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The Schufa is a powerful institution. It collects all information about us citizens related to our creditworthiness and payment history. Without positive Schufa information no one gets a loan from a German financial institution. But there is an alternative. Various direct banks on the Internet offer a loan without Schufa information. Bad reputation mostly unfounded […]

Deposition for Erosion | Payday Loans | Loans

      In fixed assets, the impairment must be determined for tax purposes. This impairment is called depreciation for wear. The AfA is characterized by the income tax law. Although it is a form of depreciation , which is based on tax law, but there are different variants compared to the business depreciation. Depreciation, […]

Definition and Difference of a Proportional Rate and Equivalent Rate

Basic use The use of mathematics in financial transactions has many applications in the economy and is sometimes very complex, especially in advanced techniques such as those used for financial markets. In the field of credit and in spite of sometimes confusing terminology , the interaction between mathematics and finance in general does not pose […]